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Project Wizards Overview

In this video we will be looking at the 6 new Project Wizards  introduced with OL Connect 2019.1

  • Print Promotional Jobs, see how the All In One step is used to create a batch of personalized letters.
  • Print Transaction Jobs, create print content once and use multiple Create Output tasks to generate various print output variants.
  • Serving a basic Webpage, learn how to serve and personalize a simple web page using Connect Workflow.
  • Submitting data with Webforms, illustrates how to serve multiple web pages using a single Workflow process. In addition it stores submitted data in the Data Repository.
  • Basic email setup, use a Connect Workflow to send a email messages. Attachments are added based on a static PDF stored with the template and pre-rendered PDFs store on disk are attached based on the provided sample data.
  • Capture OnTheGo Timesheets, a set of Workflow processes to deploy and serve COTG Timesheet forms. Additional processes capture the submitted data and illustrate how this information can be stored in JSON, XML and PDF format. The PDF is generated by merging the data with a Connect template.

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